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The headquarters dojo of
Many of our members also practice
Japanese koryu with Philip Relnick, Sensei

Notice: The Jiyushinkan has moved along with C. Clark to the Pacific Northwest... Monroe , WA . I wanted to be near my family and
get out of the desert heat. Aaron , I , and a number of our students are training in Monroe in his basement dojo until
we can build a dojo. Of course this makes it more convenient for those that also train with Phil Relnick Sensei
at the Shintokan. We look forward to continuing our training and association with everyone that wants to train with us.
The dojo in Tempe, AZ is now called the Renshinkan and has lots of talent and intent to continue quality budo practice in that locale.
Of course , they will be receiving lots of TLC from their seniors. We invite everyone interested to visit.



Visitors are welcome. Please write or call to introduce yourself and get more information about visiting our dojo and getting acquainted. Thanks...
The Jiyushinkan is a traditional dojo where modern educational methods are used. It is our goal to help students who have chosen this path to realize the unity of body, mind, and spirit and contribute to making a better society through our practice. Budo practice can show us the way to understand freedom tempered with responsiblility. The inevitable conflicts in life can be dealt with from a calm, peaceful center that develops intuitive methods of resolving these conflicts without fighting. Everyday stress becomes chances for creative decisions and action. The true practice is the realization of freedom each instant through "Seiryoku Zenyo, Jita Kyoei." (Best Use Of Energy With Mutual Benefit- Kano Jigoro)



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The Jiyushinkai is an independent group with roots in the teaching methods of: Kano, Mifune, Ueshiba, Tomiki, Ohba, Nishioka, and Miyake senseis. The senior students of the Jiyushinkai are motivated to teach the less experienced how to "stand on their teachers' shoulders" as the saying goes. We all have much to learn from each other.

We practice budo as a "spirit forging" discipline with the ultimate destination of "Self-Realization." However, this discipline must also continue to be a practical and effective form of self-defense in both physical and emotional conflict. Our training gives us more options that enable us to make responsible decisions and actions to resolve these conflicts.


"Tenkai Kote Hineri"


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Visitors are welcome!

Please contact us for schedule details.

Monroe, Washington
Dojo Phone: (360) 863-2627


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