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 Koryu Bujutsu
 I highly recommend Diane Skoss's book. There has been a need for this type of information on the western scene for many years. For example, Meik Skoss's interview with Sawada Hanae is truly inspirational to say the least. She has been training for over seventy years and to read her simple, yet powerful words concerning budo practice was a moving experience for me."  C. Clark

 Sword & Spirit

 "After receiving my advance copy (with the color print of the tengu in the front), I can only say that Diane Skoss has done it again. I read this book from cover to cover the first night and have gone back to it several times since. I especially like Karl Friday's section on the nature of kata, Liam Keeley's thoughts about the K.I.S.S. principle, and Nishioka Tsuneo Sensei on the roles of uchidachi and shidachi in koryu kata practice. There is no doubt that these books are a must for the library of every student." C. Clark



"In my opinion, the third offering in this series is exceptional and should reside next to the first two books on your bookshelf.

Thanks to Diane and Meik Skoss, there is more valuable information available to students of Japanese martial disciplines than ever before. I look forward to more in the future." C. Clark


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