Photos   "suwariwaza sumi otoshi"


  the Clarks having fun Mimi Slatoff, tori & Charlie James, uke M. Waggoner,tori and K. Slatoff,uke    Randori during Shochugeiko

Practice should be joyful and filled with focused intent.

A. Clark, tori & C. James, uke Jen Boute, tori & Charlie James, uke Randori at the Jiyushinkan Walt Hansen, tori & Carl Bilodeau, uke

Randori, Jo dori, and Jo no tsukai kata at the Jiyushinkan.

      Ranai   Shinto Muso-ryu practice at the Jiyushinkan

The intent of kata practice must be based on
"life and death" intensity while working at a level
of speed and power which the participants can
perform principles at the highest level possible.
Aikibudo         Shinto Muso-ryu Jo    
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